PER – Recordable raised pavements with natural stone

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The PER, Recordable raised pavements (according to the Spanish acronym), or technical floors, are a modern and functional paving modality. Its penetration in the markets is growing due to its great versatility at the time of undertaking changes in the distribution of spaces in buildings for collective use in a functional way and without works, […]

The true reasons for choosing a granite countertop


The countertop is an essential element for the kitchen and bathroom of our homes. In many cases, these elements become the most important part of the spaces, turning them into the central pieces on which the decoration of the home is focused. Nowadays there are numerous options of materials for this application. Countertops made from […]

The control of polished materials


The surface finish of a stone together with the size and petrographic variety represent its hallmarks. The surface finishes are in constant evolution, but the polished surface finish has always been the finishing par excellence for many granite products. Above all, this finish is the one chosen for most of the commercialized boards and for […]

Granite, the best choice for your work


For exteriors or interiors, today we want to remind you why the use of granite is the best choice for your project in 8 key points: NATURAL Of natural origin, its only transformation is the cut for the sizing of the pieces and the machining to give the desired surface finish. The granite, also tells […]

Tobacco and crystal silica

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In the granite sector, silicosis is one of the most frequent occupational diseases and its development is due to an accumulation of silica dust in the lungs with a pathological reaction to it, especially of the fibrous type. This disease can be avoided by reducing and controlling the amount of dust in the work environment […]

The aspect of natural stone: singularities or defects?


Natural stone is practically the only construction material that is placed on site as it comes from nature. No type of structure change, composition or manufacture is produced during the production processes beyond the cutting and grinding of the surface finish of the pieces. The heterogeneities inherent to natural stone sometimes imply disputes between the […]

Laboratory tests for facades


Continuing with the theme of tests carried out on different natural stone products, today we are going to see those necessary for stones used in a facade. “Tiles for wall coverings. Requirements.” (UNE-EN 1469: 2015) is the European standard that regulates the requirements for natural stone tiles used in wall coverings for wall and ceiling […]

Laboratory tests for outdoor floorings


Laboratory tests are essential to control the suitability of a stone to a specific work, including the dimensioning of parts and even definition of the placement system. In the present case, the product standard “Natural stone tiles for use as outdoor flooring” (UNE-EN 1341:2013) indicates the basic tests to be performed for pavement marketed in […]

Safety and health signage


Whenever necessary, the employer must take the necessary measures to ensure that there is a signage in the workplace to inform or warn workers of certain risks, prohibitions or obligations on ​​safety and health. The signage used as Security Technique can be classified according to the sense by which it is perceived in: Optics, Acoustics, […]

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