The natural aspect of granite and its contribution to architecture


Natural stone, for its use in architecture, presents several advantages compared to other competing products.
If we had to highlight two dominant characteristics of stone, we would say its beauty and durability. The latter is demonstrated through various remains built with stone, even those built in the Roman age, whose excellent preservation can still be seen today.
On a more technological level, granite offers a set of advantages, among which it is worth outlining the following:
-Excellent physical properties: The high compressive resistance of some stones make them an extremely firm and consistent building material.
The same can be said for their resistance to bending and wear, which is paramount for the durability of a work.
-Diversity of textures and roughness, achieved through the numerous surface finishes that affect not only the aesthetic result but also improve certain technological features, such as slipperiness.
-Great variety of shades and colour schemes, achieved through the numerous formats and varieties of stone that are offered on the market today. No other natural material presents as many different colours and structures. If we add to this the great variety of surface treatments, we offer an almost unlimited range of products to suit any environment.
-Low maintenance cost. Considering the total costs of building material throughout a life of 30 years or more, natural stone is no more expensive than other materials. The investment costs are offset by the low maintenance costs and long life of the stone.
-Stone is modern: Nowadays stone is become a commonly used material in contemporary constructions. The current trends are heading towards a homogeneous construction in colours, with purity in its forms and minimalist. Architects, town planners and interior designers use it because of its sobriety, colouring and resistance, as both a structural and decorative element, and especially in applications such as coating the façades of modern buildings or interiors with avant-garde finishes.
-The manufacturing of stone products respects the environment: To do this only requires energy, solely for extraction and carving. Extraction is carried out without the need for big explosions and there is a restoration plan in place in all quarries, which allows for their later rehabilitation.

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