The EuroCKP catalogue, more than 90 varieties

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EuroCKP has a wide and varied offer of natural stone with more than 90 varieties. Strolling through the EuroCKP warehouse you can find precious treasures, natural stones that come from local quarries and others brought from Asia, Africa, northern Europe or South America: Granites, gabbros, gneisses, shales, migmatites and quartzites, which allow us to offer […]

Granite, is it a real granite?


We are often confused about what is a material sold as granite, which can lead to misunderstandings between the seller and the buyer. Well, there are no deceptions, only nuances in the word “granite”, between the geological name and the accepted commercial name. The geological name of a rock is based on its petrographic characteristics […]

Normative requirements for natural stone panels


The European standard EN 1468 establishes the requirements that must be met by natural stone panels with which construction products are subsequently manufactured. In this sense, it is important to point out that, since it is not a finished product, but a by-product, it does not correspond to the mandatory CE marking, but it does […]

Weathered granite


In the natural stone sector it is known as weathered granite, “granito país” (in Galicia), those granites that have suffered some degree of weathering. Weathering is the process of physical and chemical alteration experienced by rocks that are close to the surface or fissures, by the exposure and action of meteoric agents (temperature, rain, frost, […]

Low radon levels in the EuroCKP facilities


EUROCKP has participated in a pioneering study in the sector, developed by the Granite Technology Center, which focused on the study of existing theradon levels in different workplaces. The different monitoring methods performed allowed forlearning the optimal environmental conditions that occur in our facilities, with respect to the radon gas, certifying a safe exposure of […]

Solutions to accidental staining of granite


In our homes, it is common to find granite products such as kitchen countertops, linings for bathrooms, floors or stairs in common spaces, etc. The floors of restaurants and dining rooms, workplaces, sidewalks and squares, in many cities are paved with natural stone. All these spaces where we inhabit and circulate daily are exposed to […]

Granite, natural design


Today we would like to issue a reminder that granite is a natural rock that has been formed by complex geological processes, and this makes for an infinite range of textures and colours. It is formed from the solidification (crystallisation) of melted silicate or magma (700-1200ºC) that rises from the mantle and whose cooling takes […]

Granite clogs


The historic buildings in Madrid bear witness to a particular use of granite, one that has so become an invariant of the capital city’s construction over the centuries. We are referring to the socle or plinth, that is, in a building, the inferior section of a wall, which is for that matter in contact with […]

The processing of granite: Step by step

The processing of granite: Step by step

From the moment it is extracted from the quarry up to the time it reaches our homes, granite must undergo a transformation process, overseen at each and every stage by strict quality controls. Today on our blog we invite you to step through this with us.

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