20 years at the service of quality and innovation

  • Commitment to excellence is the key to success
  • EuroCKP has doubled size in the last 5 year
  • 80% of sales are obtained on international markets

The company celebrates a twentieth anniversary in 2016 with excellent sales rates and a renovated technological processing equipment, together with a dedicated profesional human team.

Quality of our production processes, opening to international markets, as well as a vision of future (constant innovation and improvement) have turned EuroCKP into a business reference in the granite sector. EuroCKP reached 16 million euro sales in 2015, which consolidates a 50% business growth during the last five years. In addition, the company focused on going international: Turkey, North of Africa, The United States, Central Europe. International sales are nowadays 80% of the total turnover of the company.

From Tui towards the rest of the world

EuroCKP nace en Suíza impulsada por el empresario gallego, Manuel Creo. La “obligación moral” de nuestro fundador con su tierra natal y su visión por hacer de Galicia un punto estratégico del sector, hicieron que nuestra empresa se ubicase en Tui.

EuroCKP was born in Switzerland by our current CEO, Galician born Manuel Creo. Manuel Creo moral commitment in promoting local employment in Galicia, as well as Galicia being a strategic location in the granite sector, led to settling the company in Tui Spain.

Commitment with workforce. Committing with people who work for the company is another pillar of EURO CKP project. Currently, close to 60 persons work in the company, and despite the strong crisis in the construction sector, EURO CKP managed to maintain and consolidate this workforce, while promoting social convenience.

Innovation. High-end technology and a constant innovation in industrial processes have been key factors to answer a relentlessly demanding market. In 1.996 the company achieved a 24.000 sqm monthly production against the current 70.000 sqm. Furthermore, the company foresees to increase its production capacity up to 800.000 sqm along this year, thanks to the recent addition of innovative equipment. Expectations for 2016 are set on a 12,5% growth compared to 2015 which leads to a 18 million euros turnover.

Instalaciones EUROCKP

All these factors helped the company to celebrate 20 years in an excellent and strong position that helps looking towards the future. The official ceremony of the anniversary will happen coming June 17th, 2.016.

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