Low radon levels in the EuroCKP facilities


EUROCKP has participated in a pioneering study in the sector, developed by the Granite Technology Center, which focused on the study of existing theradon levels in different workplaces.

The different monitoring methods performed allowed forlearning the optimal environmental conditions that occur in our facilities, with respect to the radon gas, certifying a safe exposure of the workers in this physical agent.

4 samplers were placed in different areas of warehouses and offices, ensuring all areas of influence of the EUROCKP workers.

Three of the teams, located in the production halls, revealed values under the detection limit of the method (41Bq/m3), the detector placed in office obtained a concentration of 119 Bq/m3, much lower than the reference values recommended in the current national regulations (600 Bq/m3) and in the EUROATOM Directive (300 Bq/m3).

All the results of the measurements show low values of radon concentration,one of the main reasons for this reality is the layouts of the halls and their conditions of use. It is about large halls with high heights (6-7 m) where the large entrance and exit doors of material favour continuous ventilation and airflow.

EUROCKP will continue to monitor radon concentrations during 2018 to verify the radon concentrations throughout the different stages of the year and the weather conditions.

The realization of this studywas made possible thanks to the experience of the University of Cantabria through its spinoff RADUCAN.


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