Granite bathroom decor: Trends

Granite bathroom decor: Trends
Granite trends

The bathroom is just a secondary space that is purely functional, right? Wrong. Today´s bathrooms are one of the most important spaces of a home or building; they´re expected to be well decorated and welcoming… as well as meticulously clean! When it comes to creating or refurbishing our bathroom, we not only focus on what´s merely functional, but also look to design something more pleasant; a place of relaxation where we feel safe and comfortable, a sanctuary.

For those of us who like to relax in the bath, a bathroom design inspired by nature provides the ideal environment for this, and is spot on with this year´s trends. Natural materials like granite are an ideal option for creating your own nature-inspired bathroom, giving a welcoming atmosphere to one of the coldest spaces of the home. There´s nothing better than nature itself to achieve a unique space that´s full of freshness.  

Let´s not forget functionality: More and more people are realising that granite isn´t simply beautiful, but durable, and one of the most recommended materials for wet areas like the bathroom. What´s more, it´s extremely versatile and offers a look that blends in well with most decor schemes. As well as a vast array of colours -from classic white to a spectrum of greys, blacks and earths or salmon colours- it also comes in different random and inconsistent patterns, making your room unique.

Bathroom decor trends with granite

Colour selection will depend largely on your own personal tastes and the style and atmosphere you want to create. You should also consider the size of the space: It´s generally a known fact that light colours make a room feel more spacious and light, while dark tones, on the other hand, absorb light and so have the opposite effect. The larger the area, the more we can afford to experiment. Still, the timeless favourites of whites and beiges always triumph: safe and easy colours that work with practically everything.

If you´re looking to add a different touch to your bathroom, mixing granite with other materials such as wood -another natural material that will give it a warm and cosy feel- is another great option.

Minimalism: Less is now more. Opulence is now a thing of the past as homeowners are embracing the minimalist look. This doesn´t mean that your bathroom should look like a sterile hospital ward, but keeping things to a minimum with a contemporary and minimalist bathroom optimises space and maximises a clean and neat appearance.

As for bathroom countertops, they´ve many roles to fill: they must be tough, low maintenance, water resistant and, of course, stylish!  The most popular option that marks all of these check-boxes is granite. Whether used for your walls or floor, granite is durable, easy to clean and adds freshness and nature to any plan.

Whatever your style, no other material offers the elegance and versatility of granite. Besides its stunning appearance it´s also one of the most long lasting natural types of stone on the planet: It comes as no surprise that granite has stood the test of time …. a truly timeless investment.

Which of our options did you prefer for your bathroom decor? Share your thoughts with our readers…

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