Tendencias granito
Granite trends

In 2017 we can find an extensive variety of interior architecture trends with granite, given the rise in the selection of natural materials that can be used to design spaces that seek to differentiate themselves through quality and exclusivity.
We would like to highlight five that are clearly different and have been selected by interior designers and architects.
Exotic/Ethnic. This is a stylish trend with bohemian tints and influences from the cultures of North Africa, India and Latin America. It seeks to recover ancestral motives and bring them to the present so as to give warmth, elegance and eclecticism to spaces. It integrates an influence of exotic countries into homes, creating globalised spaces that incorporate signs from other cultures.
In line with this trend, we have chosen a palette of warm-coloured granites, in the range of earthy brown, sand, reddish and orange colours.

• Fantasy. This trend tries to evoke harmonious and pleasant environments, in which pastel or watercolour tones, such as pink and greys, take centre stage. It does not seek intensity in colour or contrasts, but shades that provide fluidity and harmony to spaces, trying to renew the most classic concept.
For this trend, we recommend granites in pastel, pink, cream and grey tones with rosy shades.

• Neutral. The classic spaces that predominantly contain white, black and grey tones are spaces that survive the passage of the most short-lived trends. Based on that palette of colours, a timeless feeling of balance and calm is preserved.
We suggest white, black and grey granites.

• Natural. This trend leans towards everything that is natural, as opposed to the overuse of technology seen today. It seeks to reconnect with the earth, assimilating the richness of the colours of nature and using natural materials to create organic spaces.
In line with this trend, we have chosen everyday, light-toned granites with warm cream and grey colours.

• New Vintage. This trend proposes a fusion between vintage and modern. A hybrid between new and old that will stand the test of time. Timeless and sterile spaces will be created, in which the contrast between different materials will take centre stage.
We suggest granites in cold, grey, bluish and white colours.

It is evident that granite has such an extensive colour range that it can be adapted to any of the current trends described above. What would you choose if you redesigned the interior of your home?

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