Aging tests in stone

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Accelerated stone aging, artificial aging or durability tests are a set of tests based on an accelerated process to expose a material to environmental changes; these are made to predict the behaviour of the different natural stones against different environmental conditions, such as changes in temperature and humidity, exposure to soluble salts, etc. Rocks, like […]

Measure your paving

dimensione su pavimento
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The first thing is to define whether our natural stone paving will be made up of paving stones or cobblestones, as the calculation methodology is different in each case. In this post we will focus on how to calculate the thickness of paving stones, although to do this we must firstly check whether their use […]

“Gris Mondariz” in architecture

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The “Gris Mondariz” variety of granite is extracted from a specific area in the O Porriño Mountain Range (O Porriño – Monçao Mountain Range), and surfaces around 25km in a north-south direction between the provinces of Ourense, Pontevedra and northern Portugal. This factor determines that the constructions made with this material or interventions made to […]

Criteria in respect of the selection of facade anchors:

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Choosing the right system for laying granite onto a facade is not always an easy task. Below we outline a series of criteria to take into account when doing this. Anchoring systems which are classified according to the method used for fixing to a support, might be: Anclajes de unión mecánica: La unión del anclaje […]

Smart countertops

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Smart countertops will become one of our everyday appliances in the near future, given the exponential development of new technologies in the field of housing. The primary innovation which natural stone countertops open up, as a broad field for development, would be their interconnectivity with mobile devices. This idea is included in the concept of […]


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From a functional point of view, the outdoor paving systems follow two ways clearly distinguishable: the roads for vehicular traffic and pedestrian sidewalks. In both cases it requires a careful calculation of each of the constituent elements. To do this, it is necessary to know previously the characteristics of traffic loads to be born, taking […]

Granite surface finishes

acabamos granito
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The surface finish of granite forms the skin of the horizontal and vertical walls of a construction and represents, along with the format and petrographic variety, its main hallmarks. The surface finishes are constantly evolving with the development of technology in the industry, but the most used are: Polishing: It is a finish whose final […]

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