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What time do we use to spend in our kitchens? If we think about it, this room has become one of the most essentials in our homes. We cook, we eat and most important, we use to share special moments with family and friends gathered around a good meal. Therefore, this is crucial to dedicate the proper attention a kitchen deserves.

Vital facts to take into account when choosing a countertopt

In a kitchen, countertop is a vital element when time comes to select it. Beyond the fact that this is the more visible area in the kitchen and a part of its decoration, meals are to be prepared on top of it.

In order to choose the correct countertop for your kitchen, several factors must be examined as durability, resistance, hygiene, design or maintenance.

A countertop shall be made of a highly resistant material given that food is to be prepared on it and that its life span depends on the high temperatures it undertakes from the stove as well as on the potential impacts of cooking pots and saucepans. Granite-made countertops  hardly get scratches and are fully  resistant to heat, acids and bump.

Maintenance of a kitchen countertop

Hygiene is another important aspect to take into account. Hence, the idea is to look for easily cleanable materials. Granite does not need any specific maintenance. You only need a wet cloth and soap to keep your countertop shiny. Even though the granite you choose be slightly porous, nothing wrong shall happen if the slab is correctly polished.

Design and appearance of a kitchen countertop

Design and color are some of the essential features of a kitchen decoration. You can find a wide variety of materials, colors, textures, thicknesses on the market. Even though traditional designs of natural stones keep on being highly demanded, the market is currently full of multi-colored and exotic designed granites,  but also of plain ones such as “absolute black” which bring a very elegant touch.

Thickness and finishing of a kitchen countertop

Another option given in terms of kitchen countertops is the thickness. Current trends are to choose thinner granite slabs, even if the final decision will depend on the style one is looking for its kitchen. Likewise, countertop edges can largely vary. The simplest one is a straight-edged countertop (90º angled slab) Another option is romoa bullnose edge, with  90º angle ade in a soft rounded curve. And last option would be a  straight-beveled trimmed with a backsplash.

The backsplash must also be made of a high quality material given that prevent leakage of water , which could damage the kitchen furniture and also prevent dirt accumulation in the junction between countertop and wall en la junta. The usual is to have the backsplash made from the same slab as the countertop.

Has this entry been useful? May you have any doubt when choosing the perfect countertop, please contact us and we will be pleased to help and guide. Do not fail to give us your comments.

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