Damage and repairs of granite pavements derived from mechanical loads

lesiones y reparaciones2

The natural stone offers very remarkable conditions of conservation, durability and resistance, being the recommended material for the elaboration of pavements subject to high demands of use and climatology. The causes of damage produced to stones must be rectified to resolve the pathological process that affects the stone, since repairing the damage does not imply […]

Intervening in architecture with granite


The cultural heritage built in granite, both monumental and popular is practically incalculable. The preservation of this architectural park is fundamental to consolidate this heritage, so it is considered necessary to know the types of intervention in architecture with granite. An intervention is the act of intervening in order to influence the development of something. […]

Architecture in ‘Rosa Porriño’


  Granite is the natural stone that is representative of monumental and vernacular architecture in Galicia, recognised internationally thanks to its use in high quality architectural and construction works, such as the metro in Paris, symbolic buildings in New York and Tokyo City Hall.     ‘Rosa Porriño’ is the most universal variety of Galician […]

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